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Liquid vs. Powder Detergent (Soap) - Which is better?


Liquid vs. powder soap stirs a lot of debate. The Washer Fan™ team has personally worked on and completely dismantled multiple brands of washers.

We have observed that powdered soap can literally destroy a washer, because of the un-dissolved powder residue that can coat internal washer parts. A washer, with an internal coating of powdered soap residue, is more prone to mechanical failure and is more expensive to fix than its replacement value.

We have disassembled washers whose owners used much more than the recommended amount of liquid detergent; this resulted in a slight film coating on all internal parts. We determined the film coating didn't damage the washers nor did it shorten the average use expectancy.   However, there was a severe mold and odor problem from using too much liquid soap.

The Washer Fan Team's final analysis:

  • Don't use powdered detergent/powdered soap in your washer.
  • Only use the recommended 1 to 2 tablespoons (approximately 1/8th of a laundry cap) of liquid HE detergent in HE washers.  

Please see our full Use and Care Instructions on our website at:

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