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What do Kenmore Compatible Vents Look Like?
What does a LG compatible vent look like?
How to install Washer Fan Breeze with magnets over a compatible vent on a front-load washer
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Guarantee, Returns and Policies
Do you Offer Coupons or Discounts for the Washer Fan?
Washer Fan’s Risk-Free 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
What is the Cost of the Washer Fan Breeze?
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Warranty Exchange and Replacements
Warranty Exchange and Replacements
My Air Filter Cover / Grill is damaged or defective.
My Washer Fan Kit was damaged during shipping
Sales Tax
My Washer Fan has not been delivered or is delayed by the USPS
Washer Fan's shipping cut-off times and locations
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How do I Clean the Air Filter, Housing and Blade on my Washer Fan / Washer Fan Breeze?
Why can’t I feel any air from my Washer Fan Breeze moving inside my washer?
My Fan or Power Supply is not working
My Washer Fan Breeze doesn't fit my washer properly
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Use and Care
How Do I Lower My Laundry Room’s Relative Humidity?
Where do I put my Washer Fan Breeze when my washer is running?
Liquid vs. Powder Detergent (Soap) - Which is better?
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Technical Questions
My washer already has a fan built in. Is Washer Fan Breeze still necessary to eliminate washer odor? Will Washer Fan Breeze interfere with my washer’s fan?
Why can't I just clean my internal drain hose rather than replacing it?
Will running Washer Fan Breeze continuously interfere with the operation of my washer?
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Washer Fan Breeze dimensions & specifications
Washer Fan's Digital Humidity Gauge dimensions and specifications
Washer Fan's Power Supply components

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