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How Do I Lower My Laundry Room’s Relative Humidity?


The Washer Fan Team recommends that the relative humidity level in your laundry room or laundry area be maintained below 50% year-round to prevent mold growth in your washer’s internal parts.  If you’re unable to keep the relative humidity under 50% with air conditioning or heat, we recommend that you purchase a room dehumidifier.  A dehumidifier should be used when the relative humidity level in your laundry area is above 50%.

The Washer Fan Team has personally tested the #1 rated dehumidifier by Consumer Reports, the Frigidaire 70 pints per day dehumidifier (model #FFAD7033R1), and found it to be effective in reducing the relative humidity to below 50% in the average home even when located outside the laundry area (anywhere in the home).  This dehumidifier comes with a bucket that you can empty when they get full or a connection for a hose so you can have them continually empty to a drain on their own.  If you have a drain in your home where you can attach a hose to the back of the room dehumidifier so it drains on its own (like an unused shower, sink, or floor drain in your basement), you will not need to empty the bucket in the dehumidifier when it gets full and automatically shuts off (once or twice a day).  Room dehumidifiers can be purchased online at Amazon, Walmart, Target and many others retailers. 

Wondering why you may need a room dehumidifier? You see, washer mold needs two things to grow and thrive: high relative humidity and food.  A humidity level of 50% or above in your laundry area is the perfect breeding ground for smelly washer mold. By reducing the humidity in your laundry area and not giving the mold any food (extra detergent over 1 TBSP of HE soap in a HE front load washer, or any liquid fabric softener), the smelly mold cannot live and will die off.

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Washer odor in your washer and clean clothes, often referred to as Smelly Washer Syndrome™, is a global epidemic that is caused by mold growing in the internal drain hose and parts of your washing machine where you can’t see it. Washer Fan is the only permanent solution for washer odor.

Visit for additional information and to order your Washer Fan Breeze today! The Washer Fan Breeze has a 100% success rate in eliminating washer odor when used in accordance with our Use & Care Instructions and comes with a 60 Day, Risk-Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Try it on your washer, risk free!

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