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How to Install Washer Fan Breeze with straps on any washer


For additional information, refer to the Installation section of our website to view installation videos specific to your brand and style washing machine.


  1. Remove the Breeze from its box.
  2. Remove the power supply from its box.
  3. Attach the included pads to your washer so that the Breeze will hang in the door or lid opening.
  4. Attach the Breeze to the pads you placed near the door or lid opening.
  5. Plug the USB plug from the Breeze into the power supply.  
  6. Plug the Breeze's power supply into an outlet. 
  7. To run a load of laundry, remove the Breeze from the door or lid opening and immediately replace it when the laundry is finished.  Washer Fan Breeze must be running and in place to be effective.





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