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Does Washer Fan Breeze turn on and off on its own or does it run continuously?


Washer Fan Breeze is designed to run continuously 24/7/365 and cost less than 8¢ per month to operate - based on a 10¢ per kilowatt-hour rate.  

We do not recommend unplugging your Washer Fan Breeze other than to check and clean the air filter, housing and blade every six months.  

If your Washer Fan Breeze is installed in your washer's door or lid opening with straps, it will need to be moved out of the door or lid opening when you are running a load of laundry; however, it never needs to be unplugged.  The Breeze is designed to leak air our the base when placed on the dryer or other surface next to the washer when removed.

Even though Washer Fan Breeze will continue to run while it is not in contact with your washer, thus allowing you to run a load of laundry, the cover on the bottom side of the fan prevents any direct contact with the fan blade.

Washer Fan Breeze is designed for 50,000+ hours of continuous operation, which is over 5 years of continuous operation.

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