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My Fan or Power Supply is not working


We are sorry that you are experiencing an issue with your Washer Fan.  We have custom designed both components of the Washer Fan for easy troubleshooting with your computer and/or a cell phone/cell phone charger.


Please follow these steps to determine which component (fan or power supply) is not working properly and needs to be replaced?


1. Try plugging your Washer Fan Breeze into your computer or your USB cell phone charger port and see if it turns on.

NOTE: If the Breeze turns on, the fan is working properly.  If the Breeze does not turn on, the fan is defective and you need a replacement fan.


2. Try plugging your cell phone's USB charging cable into our power supply and see if it charges your cell phone. You should also see a blue LED light if your power supply is working properly.

NOTE: If the power supply charges the cell phone, the power supply is working properly. If the power supply does not charge the cell phone, the power supply is defective and you need a replacement power supply.


Once you have determined which part of your Washer Fan is not working properly, please Submit a Support Ticket and our technical team will reply promptly with our warranty exchange options.  


The link to submit a support ticket is as follows:

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