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How do I lower the relative humidity level in my laundry area?


We recommend that you maintain your laundry room relative humidy below 50% year round.

If you are unable to keep the relative humidity under 50% with air conditioning or heat, we recommend that you purchase a room dehumidifier.  

In 2013, the Washer Fan Team personally tested Consumer Reports top rated dehumidifiers, the Frigidaire 50 pints per day (model #FAD504DWD) and the Frigidaire 70 pints per day (model #FAD704DWD), and found both to be effective in reducing the relative humidity to below 50% in the average home, even with the dehumidifier being located outside of the laundry area. The 70 is best if you have a choice between either size. The current model for the Frigidaire 70 pints per day is now: FFAD70033R1

Here is a link to Amazon that has the best price online we have found online and if you have prime it has free 2 day shipping included.

Of course, you may purchase any brand dehumidifier you prefer.  We are just providing you with two dehumidifiers we personally tested and found to be reliable.

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