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My washer already has an odor. Should I replace the internal drain hose?


If your washer already has an odor, we strongly recommend replacing your washer's internal drain hose when installing your new Washer Fan.

If you are a reasonably capable DIY'er, then you can probably change the hose without a problem. There is a video on how to replace your internal drain hose on our website at entitled:  "Washer Odor is Caused by Mold – Determine if Your Washer Has Mold". If you feel that replacing the internal hose is out of your comfort zone, you can contact an appliance service company to do the work.

If you elect not to replace the hose, Washer Fan will remove the odor, within 21 days or less; however, the Washer Fan team recommends changing the internal drain hose whenever possible, because this helps speed up the process of odor elimination. Once a new hose is installed, the Washer Fan will prevent any reoccurrence of washer odor when used as directed.


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