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How does Washer Fan Breeze force fresh air into the internal drain hose where the mold is located?


Washer Fan Breeze does not need to circulate fresh air directly into your washer's internal drain hose in order to eliminate your washer odor problem. This is a very common question that we often address.

The internal drain hose is the location where the mold lives, but not where it originates. The water in the internal hose drains back into the washer every time the pump turns off. The majority of water drains back and then sits in the bottom of the washer's outer drum, which is just to the outside of the visible stainless steel inner drum. This is why you normally never see any water sitting in the bottom of the washer's inner drum after a load of wash. Assuming that your washer doesn't have any other mechanical issues, it is the water sitting in the bottom of the outer drum that is the source of the mold.

The next time you start a load of laundry, the following scenario takes place.  The soap, clean water, and your dirty laundry mix with the moldy water already in the bottom of your washer. The pump turns on and off several times during the washer's cleaning and rinse cycles and the moldy, dirty water is pumped up the internal drain hose and out the drain; however, any leftover water in the internal drain hose when the pump turns off, drains back into the outer drum.  With each on and off operation of the pump, the mold spreading cycle is repeated; this causes a worsening mold problem with each subsequent cycle.  Over time, it's this constant cycling that eventually leaves small amounts of mold in the internal drain hose.

The occurrence of mold usually begins from the top of the hose downward towards the pump. The internal drain hose always has water at the bottom of it which forms a "trap" and prevents any air circulation.

Washer Fan Breeze circulates fresh air from your laundry area into the washer's inner and outer drums. The drier, fresher air then mixes with the moist air that was created by the standing water inside the outer drum.  This mixture of air, vents out of the washer when the door or lid is left slightly open; thereby, lowering the high humidity in your washer. This is how Washer Fan Breeze permanently eliminates washer odor.

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