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Why is the airflow of Washer Fan™ Breeze™ so low? Will it really work?


Washer Fan™ Breeze™ is designed to be as quiet as possible, as quiet as a ticking watch, while still moving more than enough air to permanently eliminate your washer odor in 21 days or less - we guarantee it!  By using continuous, minimal air flow, not only is Washer Fan Breeze whisper quiet, but it only costs less than 8¢ per month to operate continuously, based on a 10¢ per kW electricity rate.  That's less than a dollar a year, yet Washer Fan Breeze has proven to be 100% effective when our Use and Care Instructions are followed, even with the low volume of air that is continuously circulated.

Specific details: The Washer Fan is moving air at a rate of 11 cubic feet per minute. The largest washing machine sold today is 5.1 cubic feet. This means Washer Fan Breeze is circulating twice the volume of air inside the drum through the machine every minute which is much more airflow than required to lower the relative humidity enough to eliminate your washer odor, but not so much that you will feel it in your washer. You should not be able to feel any noticeable amount of air inside the drum or exiting out of your washer.

Washer Fan Breeze was tested with a higher air flow rate, but we discovered that the higher air flow rate did not eliminate the odor any quicker, it was much noisier, and it cost much more to operate. When we found the sweet spot of minimal, continuous air flow to be 100% effective, quiet and inexpensive to run, we pounced on it and named it the Washer Fan Breeze.  It only takes a continuous, gentle Breeze to permanently eliminate washer odor, not a hurricane! :)

Our Guarantee to You: Washer Fan Breeze will work to permanently eliminate your washer odor!  Every Washer Fan Breeze comes with a Risk-Free, 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.  This gives you plenty of time to use Washer Fan Breeze on your washer for up to 21 days to permanently eliminate your washer odor.  Please read our Use and Care Instructions to learn about proper washer habits that deny washer mold, the cause of your washer odor, the food and humidity that it needs to grow and thrive.  If your washer odor is not gone in 21 days, please Submit a Support Ticket and one of our technical team will respond promptly to work with you to figure out which piece of the humidity/food for the mold issue was not addressed. Again, Washer Fan Breeze has a 100% success rate in permanently eliminating washer odor when our Use and Care Instructions are followed.  Our passion is keeping mechanically sound, but stinky, washers out of landfills. With our Risk-Free, 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee, what do you have to loose?

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