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What types of mold have been found inside an internal drain hose?


The Washer Fan Team had the mold inside a washer's internal drain hose analyzed by an independent lab and in the sample tested, four different types of mold were found. These results are not certified and we are listing them for informational purposes only:

Stachybotrys Chartarum (CF2-125Kmu) and
Xerophilic Fungi (two types)
       1.  Penicillum (CF2-40Kmu) 
       2.  Aspergillus (CF2-25Kmu)

Mold is obviously detrimental to your health, especially for anyone with a weakened immune system. The independent analysis results shown here, are provided for your information only and are not meant to provide any type of medical recommendations or guidelines. There may also be other types of mold and bacteria present in your machine.

Please consult a physician with any medical questions you may have regarding mold and bacteria and their potential adverse health ramifications.

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