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My washer already has a fan built in. Is Washer Fan Breeze still necessary to eliminate washer odor? Will Washer Fan Breeze interfere with my washer’s fan?


Yes, Washer Fan Breeze is still necessary to eliminate washer odor.  No, Washer Fan Breeze will not interfere with your washer’s built in fan, or vice versa.

Washer Fan Breeze serves a different purpose then the fan built into your washer. Some newer Whirlpool made washers (which include Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana and some Kenmore washers) come with a fan feature built into the washer.  It is sometimes called Fan Fresh™, Fan Dry™, Fresh Hold™, Dynamic Venting Technology™, 6-hour Fresh Spin™ or Tumble Fresh™.  

The fan feature serves a completely different purpose than Washer Fan Breeze.  You may install Washer Fan Breeze over the metal vent (see the W-3 and W-4 pictures attached) on a washer that has a fan feature and not cause any damage to your washer or Washer Fan Breeze, even while running continuously, and you are running a load of laundry.

The purpose of the fan feature in your washer allows you to keep your laundry in the washer for a few hours after washing them to help prevent your laundry from getting the natural mildew odor that all wet laundry sitting in a washer will develop if left too long. This feature turns off when the door is opened to transfer the laundry or after a few hours, whichever occurs first. The fan does not run again until your next load of laundry is finished. It is imperative that you always control the humidity inside the drum; this is why Washer Fan Breeze is crucial in controlling your washer’s odor.

Washer Fan Breeze serves a different purpose.  It fits over the air intake vent or in your door’s opening and continuously circulates a low volume of dry air from the room into your washer.  The air the Breeze circulates into your washer lowers the high relative humidity in the drum and internal parts of your washer below the point at which mold needs to grow.  Washer manufacturers will need to license our patents to make future washers do what Washer Fan Breeze does.

The great news about your washer having a fan feature is that your washer MAY have a second air outlet vent. If your washer has a second vent (like the plastic, white, oblong vent in the picture attached to this article), you can keep the door of your washer closed between uses as the dry air from the room that Washer Fan Breeze is moving into your washer, can exit out this secondary vent. 

If you choose to keep your door closed between uses, we recommend that you check the soap dispenser tray and the door gasket for excess moisture.  If there is water in the door gasket, you can wipe it down or leave your door open until it dries.  If there is moisture in your soap dispenser tray, we recommend leaving it wide open or removing it and placing it on the top of your washer to dry as there is no other way to get dry air into this tray.

If you have any other questions about the fan feature on your washer, feel free to submit a ticket and our technical team will respond promptly.

W-4-Air-Outlet-Vent.jpg W-4-Air-Outlet-Vent.jpg
W-4-Air-Inlet-Vent.jpg W-4-Air-Inlet-Vent.jpg
Breeze-Installed-on-W-4-Vent.jpg Breeze-Installed-on-W-4-Vent.jpg

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