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I have a LG full size front load washer and I cannot find my vent.


The vent on full size front load LG washers is on the back, hidden under the cold water supply hose. If your hose has a 90 degree elbow connected to the washer, you may need to turn it to the right (counterclockwise) to about the 4 o'clock position in order to install the Washer Fan VFL over its compatible vent.  Make sure to retighten the connection after moving the hose, so that it does not leak or drip water.

For additional instructions, you may want to watch our installation video entitled: "Installing the Washer Fan Breeze with Magnets onto a vented front load washer" to see the actual design of the LG vent.  This video is the second from the top on our video page at  To minimize your video viewing time, we are providing the setting where you can view the actual LG vent.  The LG compatible vent can be seen at 8:55 in the installation video.

If unsure as to how to install the Washer Fan VFL onto the LG washer, follow these directions.

  • Attach a picture of the back upper half of your washer and, if possible, include your model name and number.  
  • By submitting a support ticket, you will be receiving a reply directly from our technical experts who can answer any questions. 


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