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My washer has two vents that look compatible with the Washer Fan Breeze


Some Samsung-manufactured washers have two compatible vents on the back.  If the vents on the back of your washer look like either of the attached pictures (S-2 and S-3), either vent is compatible with our Washer Fan Breeze with Magnets.

The Washer Fan Breeze with Magnets can be installed over either vent. Your washer is one of the few that does not require the door to be left open between uses as the other vent becomes an air outlet vent.

If you choose to keep your door closed between uses, we recommend that you check the soap dispenser tray and the door gasket for excess moisture.  If there is water in the door gasket, you can wipe it down or leave your door open until it dries.  If there is moisture in your soap dispenser tray, we recommend leaving it wide open or removing it and placing it on the top of your washer to dry as there is no other way to get dry air into this tray. 

If you have any other questions about the vents on your washer, follow these directions.  

  • Submit a Support Ticket directly to our technical experts.   
  • Attach a picture of the back upper half of your washer and, if possible, include your model make and number. 
  • By submitting a support ticket, you will be receiving a reply directly from our technical experts who can answer any questions. 




S-2-Vent.jpeg S-2-Vent.jpeg
S-3-Vent.jpeg S-3-Vent.jpeg
Two-S-3-Vents.jpeg Two-S-3-Vents.jpeg

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